An Open Letter to LabStyle Innovations Corp. (Company Behind Dario Smart Glucose meter)

I have sent LabStyle Innovations, at [email protected], the following email. I have also tweeted it here will update the article with any response that they provide. Until then, I'm stuck with ~ 250 strips that I can't use.

For those unfamiliar with the Dario Glucose meter here is an older photo of mine:

A Dario glucose monitor plugged into an LG Nexus 5 phone



Dario glucose monitor plugged into an LG Nexus 5 phone with a unused test srip inserted.


Subject: Open Letter Regarding Lack of Proper Android Support


Dear Dario Staff,

Up until recently, my favourite glucometer of choice has been your Dario. I liked your smart glucose monitoring system because is portable, compact, and convenient. It's great that it works with iPhone or Android by using the universal headphone port. This was a great system when I was using the LG Nexus 5. I recently upgraded to the Huawei Nexus 6p, which isn't officially supported by you. The fact that the most recently supported Android phone is the Samsung S5 (screenshot here) and iPhone 6—which was released over 2 years ago and just under 2 years ago, respectively—has diminished my faith that you will continue Android development. You also don't yet list support of the 6s or 6s Plus either, although this is of less concern for me.

On my Nexus 6p, sometimes it will work fine, other times it will take 3 or 4 strips to actually take a ready. At ~$0.75 a strip, the software bugs make the testing cost-prohibitively expensive. I would have expected an official flagship phone, especially a Nexus series phone, to be supported—especially when the company is getting about $100 a month from my personal testing alone.

I did a screen recording of the app malfunctioning and have uploaded it to YouTube, you can watch it here:

The most worrisome thing about the testing in the video, was that the readings varied wildly. Once it finally worked I got a reading of 13.9 mmol/L (~250 mg/dl) then immediately after the next reading was 5.2 mmol/L (~93 mg/dl).

If the test strips weren't expensive enough, it is worth noting I had to pay an additional $40 plus shipping for the meter. Most companies will give you the meter for free since they're making money off of the test strips long term. Apart from research and development costs (which appear to have been a one-time investment), the Dario seems very cheap to manufacture. The parts are likely cheaper than any other glucose meter since they usually have an LCD screen and on-board ASIC calculator to measure the blood glucose level. The Dario instead utilizes your smartphone for the display and  its CPU for any kind of computation.

I have posted this article at and will update it with whatever response you would like to provide.

My main question is this: Are you going to continue with Android support for new models or will you refund the strips that I purchased that I can no longer use?



Gordon Hannan (from

Update: Labstyle Innovations did send an email response, you can read it here:

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