Happy Canada Day!


Today, we in Canada, celebrate the founding of our nation and of our independence! As Canadians we like to brag about how we make the best hockey players, maple syrup, whiskey, and beer. We have the Great Lakes, our cottage country, milk in bags (photos: in store, in pitcher), and are known for being polite—sorry for bragging!

Canadians like myself also have an excellent health care system which covers the majority of primary care, specialist, and emergency room fees. This means that we don't have to think about whether our illness is "severe enough" to warrant the cost of a hospital visit or if our insurance will cover the visit. I can visit my primary care physician, endocrinologist, diabetic educator/nurse, and get my blood work done without having to spend a dime or file any paperwork. It really is a great system! While there are some drawbacks in what it doesn't cover for people with diabetes, I'll leave that for another day.

I am not one to visit the ER for minor reasons. Back in November 2015, I had a blood test done Friday afternoon. I got the results at 10 pm that night and was told over the phone that my blood sugar was high, but I had no idea what 28 mmol/L (504 mg/dl) meant. After being told that the normal range was between 4.0 mmol/L and 6.0 mmol/L, a family member offered to let me borrow her spare glucometer so I could keep an eye on it until I could meet my family doctor during the following week. I started feeling slightly more sick during the middle of the week. If I had to pay for my visit or worry if insurance was going to cover it, I would have definitely waited longer before visiting the ER. In doing so, I would have become more sick before heading in too, which would have made my treatment much worse. If it wasn't for this coverage I would also have large health care bills from when I was first diagnosed and even more continuing on.

This is just one of my many reasons to be grateful and proud to be a Canadian!

Happy Canada Day!

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