InCalc: Insulin Calculator for Android

I've been recently learning how to calculate bolus insulin based on my insulin to carb ratio and correction factor. Using a calculator works, but it isn't the quickest method. I decided to make my own calculator app. You can find it here:

The app takes your current blood glucose level, what you're correcting to, numbers of carbs you'll be eating, your insulin to carb ratio, and your correction factor. It then calculates the base insulin, correction factor, and adds them together for your total. It rounds to two decimal points so that you are the one who makes the decision whether to round up or down.

This is very much a 1.0 version, so I'd consider it to be beta. It currently only accepts blood glucose in mmol/L (mg/dl will come later).


Main Screen Unfilled


Main Screen with Calculation


Feedback and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! Please send to [email protected]

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