Joining the Singularity – Part 2

I have been using the Dexcom G4 Platinum for just under 2 weeks now and I can say that it has made a big difference. I love that I can quickly glace at it to see where I'm at and see where I've been. Although I haven't had any lows while using it, I have had a few highs and I love that the alarm goes off, or vibrates depending on the settings, to let me know that something is going on. I'm still getting used to it but it has already lead to better control in the short amount of time that I have worn it.

The only negative thing about it is that the sensor doesn't want to stay stuck. My first sensor came off at just 6 days. Since they are guaranteed to last 7 days, all I had to do was call Dexcom Technical Support and they replaced it for me for free.

Aside: For what it's worth, it is important to record the lot number on the sensor packaging before tossing it out. I was required to give them the lot number in order to process the replacement. Luckily I had ordered a pack of 4, which were from the same lot, so I could read it off of a different sensor. If you were to just order a single sensor, had a single replacement sent to you, or were on the last from the pack of 4 you might not be able to give the the lot number.

The technical support team recommended using Tegaderm adhesive, cutting a sensor-sized hole in the middle, to stick overtop of the normal adhesive. I bought a pack of eight 10cm x 12cm patches for sticking overtop of my second sensor. After shaving the area, wiping with rubbing alcohol, and applying the sensor I then stuck on the cut out Tegaderm. It seems to be a lot more secure. Unfortunately the 10cm x 12cm isn't quite large enough to cover completely the edge on the left/right, but it is sticking much better than without.

Some users on Reddit suggested using Skin Tac ( adhesive and getting the adhesive remover ( to see if that works better. I've also found generic version of Tegaderm in a 10.97 meter by 10.6 cm roll ( that I am going to try as well. That way I can cut to the size that need. I'll update this later with whichever version I find is better.

The Dexcom Studio software offers more in depth access to the data, but I haven't delved into it much. It does provide a lot of data (view a redacted screenshot of main info page)!

I also ended up ordering, from, "Pokeball Inspired" vinyl wraps from my Verio IQ, Dexcom receiver, and Dexcom transmitter. They look pretty awesome! The first picture is of the sensor/transmitter with the wrap installed with the tegaderm added. It is the "wavey" clear stuff.

pokeball-transmitter receiver transmitter VerioIQ-Wrap



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